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The Best Resource To Increase Your Dog’s Intelligence

One of the most effective ways to eliminate bad dog behavior is by increasing and improving your dog’s intelligence. It is exactly this approach that renowned dog trainer Adrienne Farricelli takes in her hugely successful online training program called Brain Training for Dogs. The main premise of which is, if you want to eliminate any of your dog’s bad behaviors, simply […]

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The Importance of Dog Toys

The importance of dog toys

The importance of dog toys should never be underestimated. Finding toys for your dog is both as easy as it is essential. Easy because there are tons of dog shops online and offline where you can get these toys from. Essential because such toys help with the physical and mental stimulation of the dog, as well as keeping them entertained when […]

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Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Separation Anxiety In Dogs | symptoms of dog separation anxiety

Many people are unaware that separation anxiety exists in dogs. When we leave home for work, school or any social event, most people will are usually unaware of what their dog gets up to in our absence. Although thanks to technology, there has been the recent advent of dog monitors. which has helped a great deal in helping us keep […]

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Top 10 Best Dog Supplements

best dog supplements | dog food supplements

Does your dog need supplements? Yes s/he absolutely does, 100%. Just like people, dogs require dietary supplements for healthy growth and to maintain and/or improve their health. People often give their dogs supplements more as an afterthought, instead of as a necessity, and more so, regularly. It is often assumed that the dog that is fed with raw meat and homemade […]

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