Write For Us

Are you a blogger, dog owner or lover, do you own a dog-related business, or otherwise generally have any useful information you’d like to share with our readers?

If so, we are pleased to announce that our website is now accepting guest post submissions from members of the general or dog public.

What Can Your Write on?

The best way to decide this is to go through our website to read some of the topics we have written on to get a general feel for what we write on. However, there are a lot more topics that we are yet to cover, so we will very possibly be open to publishing any topic as long as it relates to dogs.

Note: We only publish very high quality posts on this website. So only high quality articles will be accepted.


In sending us your article for publishing on our website, you agree to the following terms:

  1. AcceptanceYou agree that we reserve the right to decide whether to publish your article or not.
  2. Exclusivity: You agree that the article must be published exclusively on our website, and must not have been published elsewhere on the web, nor do your intend to send it to someone else for re-publishing.
  3. Edits: You agree that if we decide to publish your article, we reserve the right to make some minor or necessary changes to the article, in order to make it fit better into our overall theme or style of writing. You also agree that we reserve the right to include several internal links to some of our previously published articles for improved relevancy.
  4. Length: Articles must be a minimum of 1,000 words.
  5. Images: Article must contain at least one high quality relevant image.
  6. Links: All articles should be non-promotional in nature, including any links to your website. (i.e., you cannot link to any of your own web properties, products, services, content, etc. within the body of the post.) A link to your company website and/or social media profiles can be included in the bio. If you want to promote your business in a post, please email us about our sponsored post opportunities. Third-party links that validate content (i.e., linking to a report with statistics you quote, or to another informative article), may be inserted, but will be reviewed prior to publication.
  7. Bio: Authors must provide the following information:
    • A current email address (will not be made public)
    • A short bio, 50 words or less (may include a link to the company website)
    • A headshot (you can make it easier for us by uploading your headshot to Gravatar, using the email address you’re providing)
    • Any social profile links to be included in the author profile (2 max.)
    • Please note: We will not attribute your post to a company; the author bio must be for a specific person representing the company.

To get started, fill out the below contact form with the relevant details and we will get back to you within 72 hours.