The Best Resource To Increase Your Dog’s Intelligence

One of the most effective ways to eliminate bad dog behavior is by increasing and improving your dog’s intelligence.

It is exactly this approach that renowned dog trainer Adrienne Farricelli takes in her hugely successful online training program called Brain Training for Dogs. The main premise of which is, if you want to eliminate any of your dog’s bad behaviors, simply concentrate on improving his or her intelligence.

So, are you struggling with any of the following bad and problematic dog behaviors:

  • Incessant jumping
  • Aggressiveness
  • Chewing and biting everything in sight
  • Leash pulling
  • Digging up dirt
  • Uncontrollable barking
  • Not listening to you
  • Fearfulness
  • And many more.

If so, Brain Training for Dogs was created specifically for people like you.

There are many training programs and courses out there and each one will probably claim to be the best, and it very well may be the best for some people, but not so much for others.

The techniques taught in The Brain Training for Dogs program however, is based off modern scientific research as well as years of practical application. This is perhaps one of the key differentiating factors about this dog training program.

What Is This Brain Training For Dogs Program?

The training was primarily created for dog owners like you who are tired of the bad brain training for dogsbehaviors of their dog or puppy. When designing the course, the creator’s main aim was to inculcate proven and battle tested scientific methods to combat these bad mannerisms exhibited by your pet.

Unlike other training programs which focus more on the external environment and the physical aspect, this program centers more on the dog’s mindset. It seeks to teach you how to tap into the dog’s hidden intelligence to understand why he/she is behaving badly. Thereafter, it uses gentle behavior modification techniques to alter the dog’s behavior. By following the techniques in the training, the author states that the positive reactions will not only be seen within a shorter period but are also more permanent.

How Does This Training Deal With Bad Dog Behavior?

Adrienne uses a step-by-step approach to show you how to train a dog to behave better. The training is broken up into several modules, each focusing on a specific area, and using specific methods.

These modules are as follows:

Module 1: The foundational course whose main goal is ‘target training’ your dog and tapping into his or her brain power to become very obedient to you and obey your every command. Including paying and keeping attention for extended periods of time.

Module 2: Following up on what was learnt in the foundational course, this module builds on that to teach your dog to use his or her sense to actually complete your commands.

This will involve several brain game for dogs such as the ‘treasure hunt’ and ‘muffin games.’ Both designed to relieve boredom and keep the dog out of trouble.

Module 3: Patience and impulse control are the underlying themes of this module. It also contains several games like the ‘jazz up and settle down‘ and other mental stimulation games for your dog.

Module 4: Here, you’ll learn how to develop your dog’s motor skills, including his brain games for dogsconcentration skills. Both of which, yet again, use more games that stimulate the dog’s mind.

Module 5: At this stage your dog’s intelligence is without a doubt higher that it was at the start of the module, provided you have consistently implemented what was taught up till now. This module will then take things a bit further by increasing even further his intelligence, but just as importantly, his patience.

Module 6: Advanced-level motor skills will be taught here, including name and object recognition, advanced leg-weaving skills, and more.

Module 7: Have you ever watched any of them TV shows like America’s Got Talent where a contestant brings a dog on stage to perform some mind-numbing and unbelievable tricks? It is safe to say that such dogs have genius-level intelligence. At this stage, it will be relatively easy to teach your dog to do things like play the piano, tidy up his play area after play-time, and much more. In other words, at this stage, by dog standards, your dog will be a genius.

In total, there are 21 brain games for dogs and to further make the training more user-friendly and easy to grasp, the the training incorporates colorful images and uses simple-to-understand language. You also get full support from the creator via a support system and in an online support forum.

brain training for dogs

Why is This Program a Good Solution to Dog’s Behavior Problems?

  • Easy to understand: The creator uses a simple step-by-step approach
  • Experienced: Adrienne has been in this field for more than 10 years and possesses immense practical knowledge.
  • Comprehensive: The training covers lots of things and applies to any dog.
  • Practical Examples: The certified dog trainer uses real practical examples.
  • Quality Videos: It comes with 7 training videos, which helps you physically see how to do what the training program is asking you to do.

Who Exactly is Adrienne Farricelli?brain games for dogs

In addition to being a dog owner and lover, she is a professional dog trainer who is also Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) certified. For more than 10 years, she has been researching and working with dogs to understand them better. It is this in-depth knowledge and experience she put into creating the program.

Her work has been featured in renowned magazines like Every Dog and USA Today and she is also a regular contributor to major online forums such as All Experts and eHow.

What People Say About The Dog Behavior Modification Course?

Consumers appreciate the simple design of the course, which make using it easy and simple. They say that the 21 brain games for dogs are very practical and easily understood by the animal. It covers all the relevant things including attentiveness, understanding the symptoms, and troubleshooting tips. Many users say that the online course is comprehensive and the colorful and vibrant images make it exciting and easy to follow.

Some users complain that it requires a lot of concentration to fully understand it. This means that it will take time for you to fully understand each and every concept.

Final Verdict

By following the training course, you should see the positive results in a short time. It will make the dog well mannered, happier, more social, and healthy, both physically and mentally. However, you need to be prepared to spend time understanding the online program as well as your dog’s intellect and mannerism. Taking everything into account, this Brain Training for Dogs program is worth a chance.

** Disclaimer: All results are not the same, and levels of success will depend on how consistent you are with the method.**

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