A Few Important Things To Know About Your Dog’s Health

As they age, dogs suffer from similar ailments to humans. Age brings changes to canine health including arthritis and pain in the joints. Caring for pets with ill health is costly and time-consuming but essential for their continued comfort. Prevention is better than cure, so monitoring their diet and fitness levels is vital for the dog’s wellbeing. And of course signing up for dog health insurance is more often a necessity than a luxury


Certain breeds of dogs are more susceptible to ailments than others. Awareness of what problems your dog may suffer will assist in avoiding future problems.


So here are some vitally important things to know and note about the overall health of your pup.


It Starts With a Healthy Weight

The weight of your dog is vital to overall health. Overweight and obese dogs are most likely to develop medical problems, so healthy home-made dog food, regular dog walks or the use of a good dog treadmill when the weather does not permit, clean drinking water, clean sleeping space and a heated dog bed in winter, and all such healthy best practices are some of the few but essential things you can do to try and keep your dog in tip-top health.


Keeping your dog’s weight to a healthy level is vital, especially considering the fact that some dogs are greedy and prone to overeating. In such cases, depriving your dog of treats and snacks may seem cruel, but you should rather see it as preventing debilitating ailments that may affect its quality of life, which will pay dividends in future for both of you.


Dogs Love to Socialize Too

Like human beings, dogs are social beings and like to socialize just as much as we do. So making out dedicated time for your dog to be around other dogs is important for their “sanity.”  While there is likely the dog walks you take your dog on perhaps every other day, there is never the guarantee that you will encounter other dogs out on the street, and when this is the case, it is important to make an effort to find other dogs that your dog and play and socialize with.

A Clean Dog is a Healthy Dog
Hygiene is important. Regular baths and grooming are vital to canine cleanliness. Dogs benefit from baths and many products are available from pet grooming suppliers to make this job pleasurable. Depending on the breed, a visit to a grooming parlour may be necessary. Matted fur and in-growing claws need treating while ears and eyes benefit from regular inspection. If your dog shows any sign of suffering and you are uncertain of the cause, consult a vet immediately


Fleas, worms, and other parasites are ongoing pests that dog owners must deal with. Over-the-counter dewormers available from vets and local pet stores will eliminate these issues.

Unchecked, they can develop into severe ailments and diseases.


Monitoring diet, fitness, hygiene and weight is preferable to coping with long-term ill health.

According to dog experts, our pets should be living to a greater age than their current life expectancy. If a dog is sick or slowing down with age, good medication, allows our dogs to live in comfort. Regardless of age, fun and companionship is possible, despite health problems. With optimum nutrition, exercise and suitable living conditions, the life expectancy of your dog should increase significantly.


Most dogs are hardy but with the right lifestyle, they will benefit from additional comforts and care, and both dog and owner will reap rewards.

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