About Us

Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by our website. Dog Wiki was started by five friends and dog lovers whose number one reason for doing is to provide you with the number one definitive resource for all things relating to your dog, which you can find on the internet.

We hope that we are able to even come close to living up to the very high standards we have set for ourselves. And just as importantly, we hope that you will help us in our quest.

How exactly can help?

Firstly you are doing so just by reading these words and any other words on this site you get to read. Likewise, you can also help us provide you with this definitive informative resource each time you leave us your comments, stories, pictures, recommendations, suggestions, and all what not.


About The Authors

  1. Kanayo Okwuraiwe: Whose nick name among many of his childhood friends was “K9.”
    He has no recollection of exactly why or how he came to be given this name, but it is a name that has stuck till this day and which he still often gets called by.

    Perhaps one irony behind this story is that Kanayo has never personally had a dog of his own, though he has been surrounded by them all his life; whether because his brothers had dogs, or his neighbors, cousins, etc. He however shares the same love for them, especially in light of his belief that dogs are living things and are with us in the same onward and upward journey of life.

  2.  Catherine Robinson: Born in South Africa, I am passionate about animals and writing; and hope to bring the two together on DogWiki!

    I have been privileged to know and own many rescue doggies, from tiny ‘pavement specials’ to enormous Rottweilers – and believe that the best service we can do our pets is to make sure we are informed about how to keep them healthy and happy. They certainly reward us tenfold!

  3. Ansie Ehrke: I am a passionate, somewhat dark-minded, writer, loving the feeling of a satisfied reader. I have been writing poetry and short stories for almost 7 years. It was when I did a Creative Writing Course through INTEC in 2011 that the writing bug (or worm, excuse the pun) bit me.

    Since then I have started writing two blogs, one for showcasing my love for poetry and short stories, Silverliningspot, and The Writer Closet, showcasing articles. I have also ghost written several books, ebooks and books of poetry.

    I am currently a writer for Unibit Solutions, a writing company in Johannesburg as well as several other writing agencies. I also freelance for Intiem Tydskrif, an Akrikaans magazine about love and marriage.I have kick started my Freelance Writing Career and am looking forward to many years of filling blank pages with images and stories that would satisfy any reader!

  4. Theresa Stolk: Theresa Stolk is a freelance writer/researcher/entrepreneur   living in the Western Cape. She is a lover of dogs, nature, and all animals. Her knowledge of dogs is extensive as besides her research she has been involved with various breeds of dogs, personally and through her family who are all avid dog lovers.

    She writes mostly from her own personal experience of her dogs and their health issues. She has written for the online market since  2010.

  5. Tracy Mills: A virtuoso ghostwriter, an editor and an astute researcher from Maryland. She has penchant for writing in all niche.
    tracy mills -2

    She started her career in writing 7 years ago and had worked with many organizations. However, she has two friends and companions “Roxy and Bella” which obviously made her a lover of Dogs.She will never withhold the opportunity to write about Dogs because she enjoys their company and relates with them virtually everyday. I am ready to use this platform (DogWiki) to share my experience about Dogs with you.