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If you answered YES to even ONE of these questions, then look no further than ‘Doggy Dan’s’ Online Dog Trainer Program as the answer to that question.  stopping a dog being aggressive | correcting aggressive dog behavior | how to stop aggressive dog behavior in 2018

“It Is Impossible To Train An Aggressive Dog!”

Or so ‘they’ say. This is a statement we have all heard at the local doggy park, usually from a dog owner who is fed up with their aggressive dog. We usually empathize with them while we encourage our dogs to go play with other dogs and not with the aggressive one, as no one wants their dog on the losing end of a scrap, or heaven forbid, with an injury.

Enter ‘Doggy Dan’.

Doggy Dan is THE MAN for the job! The founder of The Online Dog Trainer, a truly Calming Aggressive Dogs | stop aggressive dog behavior | stopping a dog being aggressive | how to calm aggressive an dogsuccessful online training program for dog owners.


He has over 10 years of experience dealing with aggressive dog behavior (amongst other behavioural issues) and over the last decade, he has helped over 25,000 people successfully train their dogs using the exact methods found in The Online Dog Trainer Program, which you are about to learn.


Don’t want to continue reading? You can simply get Doggy Dan to:

… Or continue reading this review. Not that he needs any more praise, but here at, we decided to review his Online Dog Trainer program to give you the good, bad and ugly about this program. Spoiler Alert: Try as hard as we did, we were not able to find any bad or ugly with his program!

How To Put An End To Your Dog’s Aggressive Behavior!

As dog lovers, we strive to have the best, well behaved dogs, as their temperament often reflects what others might think of us. Do you want to be “that dog owner” in the neighborhood that everyone talks about?


Doggy Dan has a wealth of experience, both one-on-one and over the internet, in training people to train their dogs. He has thousands of subscribers to his blog as well as clients all over the world who have signed up for his online course, The Online Dog Trainer Program, and who continue to benefit from the information he adds to the members section on a regular basis.

Why Is Your Dog Aggressive?

The age old question, “why is my dog aggressive”, has probably never been answered stop a dog being aggressive | Stop Aggressive Dog Behavior | how to calm an aggressive dogbetter than The Online Dog Trainer Program does. There are a ton of outside factors that could lead to your dog’s aggressiveness. From puppies to older dogs, there are many variables that come into play in influencing your dog’s behavior.


Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer Program not only gives you the solutions to this problem but just as importantly enlightens you to exactly what the problem is. Doggy Dan’s step by step online program is extremely straightforward and easy to use.


Many of his clients have been amazed that they were able to fix this problem, more so in such a relatively short period of time, when many other supposed “dog experts” they have been to, all failed miserably.

What Exactly Is The Online Dog Training Program About?

Imagine an online program you can follow at your own pace to remove any and all aggression issues your dog has. Imagine not having to make any more trips to a “dog school” to join 20 other owners of aggressive dogs for “aggressiveness classes,” or needing to set out a specific day and time dedicated to learning how to improve your dog’s behaviour.


Stop Aggressive Dog Behavior | how to calm aggressive an dogCan you also imagine not having to contend with the “must have” feeling of one-on-one time with the trainer while Mr. “Johnson’s” poodle monopolizes all of his time? All the above are some of the things that Doggy Dan’s program can begin to eliminate from your life.


In his program, you will learn about the biological influences your dog exudes when it is behaving badly and how this is a natural process passed down over the ages. Reacting to and curbing these influences in a positive way can and will break the chain of reaction your dog reacts to, thus eliminating that initial fight or flight response or aggressive behaviour he or she exhibits.

Aggression Solved in 5 Easy Exercises

Doggy Dan’s skills have people raving about the successes THEY have had with his program. Doggy Dan has assembled FIVE exercises based on emotional control of our dog that, believe it or not, will assist your dog in developing “doggy life skills”!


These exercises will make your dog will stay calm and very focused while listening to you, whether they are calm and cool or are distracted by a plethora of outside influences.   In this calmed state, ‘Ruffus’ (or whatever your dog’s name is) will know to make the right decisions rather than allowing old habits to take over.

The Problem Will Fix Itself…

Said NO dog trainer ever! Dog aggression issues WILL NOT self correct over time and in fact, they usually get worse as your dog (like humans) gets stuck in its old ways. These FIVE exercises from Doggy Dan’s program previously referred to, will provide you with the building blocks to overcome your dog’s aggressive behavioral issues. This foundation will lead you to a life of bliss with your dog.

What’s All The Hype About?

Dog aggression issues are more stressful than we realize. The anxiety we often have when we go out with an aggressive dog often reverberates down the leash (or via our aura) to our pet and this in turn can exacerbate their aggressiveness.


So if a simple program like Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Training Program can fix the problem, do you not think you need to head over to his website immediately to have a look?

The below is just a tiny fraction of what some of his 25,000+ clients have said about his program.

**Doggy Dan is like a miracle worker. Once I put the 5 Golden Rules in place with my 12 week old Japanese Spitz puppy Kobe, he was like a different dog.**


**The 5 Golden Rules has changed us & our puppy in just a month!!! Watching the videos is a great tool also. We love the calm & positive approach to dog training. We have an 8 month old Border Collie that is full of energy, who now is totally controllable. Thank you Dan!!**


**Doggy Dan’s techniques are so easy to follow and THEY WORK!! I’ve had dogs most of my life and now, with rescues, knowing how to have them relax and feel at home quickly is great. Archer is a 4 year old rescued Shepherd mix who has had to deal with incredibly high fear levels, pacing, anxiety. In less than a month he is now happy to find his place of comfort.**


**It has already been a big help with starting to correct the issues I have experienced with my new-to-me 80lb 18-month old Mastiff-Lab mix rescue. We are working towards restoring the chain of command in our house and allowing my new boy to be the good dog I know he wants to be.**

** Disclaimer: All results are not the same, and levels of success will depend on how consistent you are with the method.**

The #1 Online Dog Training Program You Can Trust.

Of all the online courses available over the web, we can vouch for Doggy Dan’s Online Training Program as being in a league of its own. It is also unparalleled in its results and approval rating by his clients.


It almost seems that the number of “professional” dog trainers have increased as much as the number of “professional” personal trainers have since the fitness craze began. The difference being Doggy Dan’s program, whose results will stand the test of time.


His 5 Emotional Control Exercises gives you power and ability to help your dog shed the bad habits that have been causing havoc in your home. When you have over 25,000 happy doggy customers, it is hard to dispute his success and his ability to improve your life and  that of your best friends life as well.


If you are earnestly looking for how to calm an aggressive dog or to stop a dog being aggressive in 2018, your acquisition of Doggy Dan’s Online Training Program will be one HUGE step forward toward a better behaved dog and a much happier you!

how to calm aggressive an dog | stop a dog being aggressive

** Disclaimer: All results are not the same, and levels of success will depend on how consistent you are with the method.**


  • Priscilla Clark

    My almost 7-year old German Shepard (Tasha) is our only pet. She is perfect and well behaved when only my husband and I are with her at home. She’s very smart and knows and obeys all her commands – EXCEPT she is not socialized. She growls and barks if anyone even passes in front of hour house. There is no doubt that she will bite someone. She has become much worse since we boarded her for 6 days. It was at Vet we always use.She went with the girl at the Vet’s office willingly – no tugging at her leash or disobedience. When we picked her up, she was cowering in her cage, growling, shaking and barking. She girl told us she had lunged at her twice. Tasha had not eaten her food and the wet food was caked over- untouched.. I don’t believe they took her out of her little 4-5′ X 6′ chin-link cage the whole time. The girl opened the cage and Tasha came to me immediately when I said “come.” She was still shaking and reeked of feces and urine. The girl sat down right next to me on the ground. She even petted Tasha, and Tasha made to attempt to bark or growl. The whole room of cages reeked. Even our car smelled terrible from just bringing her home in the car. She just goes berserk if anyone comes close to us, our home or one of her toys, her bed, her fool. She is also very aggressive to other dogs or animals. Once a cat came into our fenced-in yard, and she chased it, caught it and shook it. The cat died. Needless to say, she chases squirrels and birds also. No kennel wants to board her. Tasha’s groomer NOW has to muzzle her to bathe her and trim her nails. I believe she was mistreated at the kennel – and at the very least – not allowed out of her cage while being boarded. We cannot have company or go on vacation because of Tasha. What can we do? Please help me if you can. I live in Etowah, TN 3733l.

  • Hello Priscilla Clark,

    We are so very sorry to hear about the troubles you are having with Tasha. Just as it is with humans, we believe it is never too late to school a dog. What you should look into doing is finding an experienced trainer who can work with aggressive dogs. While you can try to find a local trainer, one disadvantage behind this is that you might not always be involved in the process of stripping away Tasha’s aggressiveness, which is not a good thing for a number of reasons. We can, however, recommend an online course that will almost certainly help with Tasha’s aggressiveness. The best part is that you get to learn the needed skills to help take away the aggressiveness, in case you ever need to use it again in the future. Plus it is always helpful if a known and loved face is the one working with the dog to eliminate a problem, as opposed to a stranger. Then there is the community of thousands of dog owners with a similar problem. Such community and the experiences can be very helpful too.

    If you didn’t get a chance to check out the training program, kindly click on this link:

    We wish you all the best with Tasha and we hope you will visit us again to share what experience and progress you have with joining and using that program.

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