The Dangers Of Junk Food for Your Dog’s Health.

The Dangers Of Junk Food for Your Dog’s Health | Junk Dog Food

There has been a marked deterioration in the general health of dogs since processed dog foods appeared on supermarket shelves. Many of these foods offer little nutritional value, but their convenience makes them popular. It is easy to see why. You come home from work after a long and hard day at work only to find your dog is hungry. Grabbing a can of dog food or a pouch of meaty chunks is the quickest way to feed your pet without your needing to go through the trouble of preparing a meal is the easiest way to solve this problem. That achieved, you can get on with producing a meal for the family, or whatever else you need to do.


Advertising campaigns for these branded foods make the products seem attractive and appealing. With different flavours to choose from, your dog will have a favourite and despite being full of additives, the food smells good. Our pets love eating them and because of this, sales of manufactured dog food has increased.


Sugar is bad for our health yet we still eat sugary foods because we like the taste of it. It is the same with dogs. They like to eat these low value foods because they taste and smell so good. But you can control their diet. Inadequate food leads to allergies, obesity and long-term health problems.


Most branded dog foods use by-products in their recipes yet feeding these to our dogs is worse than giving them the scraps from our plates. Another problem with the food we eat, is that much of it is unsuitable for canine consumption.


Since it is a given that some foods are toxic to dogs, this leaves us with the problem of what to feed our pets. Dogs  suitable amount of protein, fats and vitamins to keep them healthy. Well-fed dogs have glossy coats and clear eyes and are unlikely to attract fleas and worms and other health issues. A strong immune system minimizes the risk of health issues. Mental health improves too, meaning the dog can respond to training commands and develop a strong bond with its owner. These factors make for a happy pet and owner.


When it comes to feeding your dog, the best solution is home-made dog food. Many people already make meals for their pet using selected natural ingredients, ingredients which are guaranteed to enhance the health of your pet. By making home-made dog food and treats, you know 100% that your dog is eating good quality meals. Preparing the food from scratch means you know its contents and you can adjust the ratio of ingredients to suit your dog’s specific needs. For example, if your dog is allergic to something, you simply omit it from the recipe.


While making dog food is straightforward, it must be admitted that it is not always easy to do so. Which is perhaps the appeal of processed off-the-shelf dog food, as previously mentioned. However, whenever you are able to prepare them, there are several excellent books and websites that will show you how to prepare your own dog food, including which recipes are nutritious and cost-effective.


Additionally, it is tasty without the added sodium, preservatives and colouring to enhance the look and taste of the food. With home made dog food, your dog’s dietary requirements are fulfilled without additives, fillers other chemicals.


It is worth considering feeding your dog home-made food. A well-balanced diet helps with good health, something every dog owner is aiming for and that every dog will enjoy.

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