The Importance of Dog Toys

The importance of dog toys

The importance of dog toys should never be underestimated. Finding toys for your dog is both as easy as it is essential. Easy because there are tons of dog shops online and offline where you can get these toys from. Essential because such toys help with the physical and mental stimulation of the dog, as well as keeping them entertained when they would otherwise be bored and miserable. All of which ultimately leads to a happy dog and also a healthy and enjoyable relationship between dog and owner.


Perhaps the best types of dog toys are interactive dog toys. Dog food cubes, for example, are great toys for almost any dog, as they encourage the dog to think before they get the food. This can keep a dog entertained for long periods of time, and is a good remedy for a dog that frets while you are away.


If a food reward is available, a dog will often be more determined to find the answer to the puzzle, than a puzzle with no reward. This challenge provides mental stimulation for your pet, stimulation vital for keeping your dog alert and to prevent them from becoming bored and destructive.


Chewing comes instinctually to dogs and in the absence of appropriate things to chew on like dog toys, they go for the next available things such as your sofa, pillows and more. Behaviors which we often label as destructive, but to the dog, he or she is simply entertaining themselves. Which is why it is in your couches interest to rather provide an alternative item for the pup to chew on.


If you are often away from home, leaving your dog with no companion, then it is worth buying a few toys to keep your dog occupied. That way, the dog has a choice in deciding what to play with next, which helps avoid boredom.


Left alone, dogs become frustrated and lonely and will worry over whether you are going to come back home, a situation that can lead to dog separation anxiety, which might even increase their “destructive” tendencies. Toys are a distraction as they help your dog pass the hours until you return.


There are various options for the dog that likes to chew, and most of these are non-consumable items. As the chews deteriorate, you should replace them with something new so your dog gets to experience a range of products. Gladly, most toys are cheap, allowing you to buy several until you find one that your dog loves.


Toys are also a great way to prevent your dog getting into trouble while you are away, and to stop them whining and barking. Dogs miss their owners and will often make a lot of noise to reflect this. A barking dog, in an empty house, is a nuisance to the neighbours and can lead to rows and disputes, some of which grow out of proportion. Preventative measures are always preferable.


Whenever it is possible, exercising your pet before leaving for work or school is always a good idea. And when this is not possible, investing in a good dog treadmill, so that while you are getting ready for school or work in the morning, your dog can spend those minutes on the treadmill. This will obviously tire the dog out and s/he will probably spend a few hours asleep while you are out.


Lastly, good dog food is essential in ensuring that your dog is getting the correct s/he needs, something which also plays a role in the overall health and well-being of your dog. An undernourished dog cannot be expected to respond to basic training commands, or be happy within the family unit. Healthy homemade dog food has all the nutrients needed to keep your dog alert and intelligent. Good food combined with good interactive dog toys ensures greatly minimizes the chances of your dog getting bored.

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