The do’s and don’ts of Mobile Dog Grooming

Mobile dog grooming services is fast becoming the most popular way for dog lovers to get their pets groomed. It is also most convenient as the term Mobile Dog Grooming means exactly that: A dog groomer that drives his or her van right up to your premises in order to make your darlings look pretty. That way, you need not have the hassle and stress of having to haul your pets all the way to a salon.


As dogs are man’s best friend, it is only human to want the best for your dog – and a mobile dog groomer should understand that. Therefore, you need to make sure that you know how to run your Mobile Dog Grooming van efficiently.


The do’s of mobile dog grooming

  • If you want to run a successful grooming business, you need to have efficient experience. Grooming a dog does not just consist of brushing its fur. You need to inspect its skin for ticks and fleas, wash its fur, clip its nails and as an extra, adding a bow or two.
  • If you are serious about Mobile Dog grooming, you will need certification that you are capable of grooming animals. A dog lover will not entrust his or her darling to just anyone!
  • Your van must be large enough to hold all your grooming equipment, including clippers, scissors, shears, shampoos, brushes, blow dryers, nail clippers, ear cleaning products, bandannas, and bows. Your van also needs the basic grooming features such as a generator, electrical outlets, lighting, grooming tables, running water and a bathtub.
  • As you cannot travel too far, you need to define an area in which you will do your grooming. Choose a neighborhood that has a lot of dogs and promises to give you more business opportunities in the future. Establishing appointments with potential clients is a great way to ensure you have enough time to travel from the one client to the next.
  • Price your services accordingly. Depending on what your client needs done, you need to charge an additional amount for fuel and traveling expenses.


The don’ts of Mobile Dog Grooming

  • Dogs do not like to stand still for long periods of time. They will move around, get agitated and on occasion, might even try to bite you. Do not be impatient with these dogs as they do not always understand what you are trying to do. Work as quickly and as swiftly as you possibly can, while delivering the best possible service.
  • Do not wear short sleeved shirts while working with the dogs. As their nails tend to be long, they might scratch your arms, making you look as if you have been in a dog fight. As a professional dog groomer, you do not want your arms to be covered in scratches when seeing a potential new client.
  • Do not try to overload your van with dogs. Take your time attending to each individual dog in order to ensure a happy owner as well as a happy pet.
  • Do not leave your van untidy. The smell of wet dog and urine might make potential clients take a second glance when bringing their dog out for a good groom.
  • Do not “try something new.” If a client asks you to cut his or her pooches’ hair, make sure that you cut it the way they want it. Trying different styles without noticing the client may cause a terrible dispute!
  • Never be late! Mobile dog grooming includes traveling. Make sure that you arrive a bit earlier at the given place to ensure you are ready for when the doggies make their appearance.
  • Never work without a mask. As dog hair can cause damage to your lungs, you need to keep your health, as well as the dogs’ health, up to standard.
  • Never be impatient. If a dog is not trained, he will not listen to your usual “sit” or “stay”. Be as calm and collected as possible while making sure that the dog knows that you are the one in control and the he cannot run around as he pleases.


Being a Mobile Dog Groomer means you will smell like a wet dog most of the day, but to see the end result is just as comforting as a big wet kiss from a happy pooch!

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