Does Your Dog Have Worms? Get a Dewormer For Dogs.

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In keeping your dog healthy you are likely to encounter several types of worms. The most common of which are roundworms and tapeworms. Roundworms are most prevalent in puppies and they resemble small, white pieces of string, three inches in length. In mature dogs, they can grow to twice this size and if ignored, they will make your dog ill.


Roundworms live in the small intestine of the dog and if allowed to breed, they form a concentrated mass and may block the passage of digested food in the intestine, and if passed through the bowel or vomited, it means other dogs and humans can contract the infection.


Worms develop in a few days and spread from one dog to another. People assume that because of the speed at which worms breed and multiply, puppies are born with roundworms. But proof exists to dispute this theory that puppies inherit worms from their mother.


Sadly, rolling on the ground, which many puppies are wont to do, can also increase the risk of infection.


Tapeworms on the other hand develop from fleas, so it is wise to treat your dog for fleas as these are a breeding ground for parasites and other diseases. Symptoms include, bloating, weight loss, dull coat, vomiting and lack of energy, but sadly, symptoms are not always visible. Any changes in your dog’s attitude or appearance is cause for concern and should be investigated immediately.


There are of course several other types of worms that can possibly plague your dog such as whipworms and hookworms, and you need to be aware of them.


By treating worms and fleas immediately, you will reduce or eliminate future problems, as well as preventing the current one from getting bigger. This is obviously preferable and essential for the health and happiness of your dog. Gladly, over-the-counter treatments are available for many common worms, more so as manufacturers recommend de-worming your pet every three months.


Many dog de-worming treatments are usually available in tablet form, and crushing them inside home-made dog food is the perhaps the easiest way to go about this as your dog will be too busy enjoying the delicious food in front of him or her to notice the medicine in it. However, you should note that some pets often refuse food doctored with medicine. In these cases, pills crushed in water may be more palatable to the dog. Disguising the tablet in a treat and giving it to your dog when walking is another option.


Alternatively, there also exist in the market, many natural dewormers for dogs that you can easily purchase. Containing selected herbs and vegetables, many people actually prefer giving their beloved pets foods and medication that are natural based, as they believe they are likely to be more effective, equaling or surpassing their synthetic varieties.


In closing, prevention is obviously better than cure. So be sure to always disinfect your dog’s food and water bowls and keep their beddings clean and fresh. Areas surrounding the dog’s bowls must be immaculate if an infection is present or suspected. Hygiene is important when dealing with canine ailments.


In severe cases of worms, a prescription from the vet may be necessary as a vet may need to prescribe stronger medication to treat extreme infections. Dogs or puppies riddled with worms need immediate treatment, as ignoring worms may lead to more serious illnesses.


Remember that a healthy diet always helps build the immune system, so that even if your dog does get the worms, a history of a healthy diet will have made their immune system so strong they the worms might not hit them as hard. So be sure to add small amounts of vegetable to food such as carrots or garlic on a regular basis.


Untreated, worms can kill a dog. So, if you suspect your pet has worms, or have been in contact with other dogs that have them, take immediate action.

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